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BIS Registration in India
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Ewaste Certification

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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Bureau for Energy Efficiency(BEE), Wireless & Planning Commision(WPC).

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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS),thenational body for the standards.(BIS REGISTRATION & CERTIFICATION UNDER CRS SCHEME).Complying to the mandatory “Requirement for Compulsory Registration Order(RCRO),amendment Order2013”.

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Wireless & Planning Commision(WPC),the authority that controls the Wireless/RFID approval in India(EQUIPMENT TYPE APPROVAL and IMPORT LICENSE).The WPC Wing of the Ministry of Communications,created in 1952.

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Bureau for Energy Efficiency(BEE), as statutory body under the Ministry of Power that controls the energy efficiency scheme of starratings on the electrical products(BEE APPROVAL OR BEE CERTIFICATION).

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BIS then registers the manufacturers under its registration scheme who are permitted to declare that the irarticles conform to the Indian Standard(s).The registered manufacturers are then allowed to put the Standard Mark not if ied by the Bureau.

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